Tap, Tap, Tap, Knock, Knock, Knock

Tap,tap,tap. Knock,knock knock!
written by Shannon fitzgerald

Tap, tap, tap.
That’s all I can hear as I sit on my bed. The tapping won’t stop it just keeps on going around the walls of my bedroom. I see a shadow coming and going. It must be linked to the tapping. I don’t know what it wants.
Knock, knock, knock
The shadow is moving faster and faster. Is it trying to get my attention? I want to walk up to the thing and ask it what it wants, but what if it tries to kill me. I sit there looking at the thing as it appears and disappears. I stand up from my bed and start to walk over to it.
As the thing stops in front of me with its head down, I can tell that it’s a girl by the shape of her body.
“Who are you?” I ask. What was I supposed to say?
No answer.
“I live here. Is there something wrong?”
The young lady looked at me then at the door, that she was standing next to.
“I can’t get out, it’s like I’m stuck.” It replied.
How could she be stuck? She is a ghost and I thought that ghost could go through walls.
I looked at her curiously.
“So how did you ….. well …… die.”
What was I suppose I should do? If I leave her and do nothing about it then she’ll keep me awake, but what happens if I find the reason why she is died?
“I can take you back to when I died?” She says.
“Back? Back were?” I begin to feel nervous.
“Back to the day that I died?”
Before I could choose I was there in her body. I could fell everything she felt.
A lady, with a cruel mouth, walks up to me and demands that I sell the house to her for $20,000.
She calls me Mag. That must be the ghost’s name. I refuse the offer and the woman locks me in my room. There was newspaper up on the windows to block out the light and the bedroom door was locked from the outside.
A long time passes, weeks or months, I’m not sure. I didn’t have a lot to eat. I feel very weak and can barely lift my limbs.
The only way to get the attention was to tap and knock on the walls around me, but the woman wouldn’t let me out unless I gave the house to her and yet even after this time I (Mag) wouldn’t give up the house.
Finally the woman unlocks the door and comes in. She drags me to the full bath and covers me with water.
I try to wake up from this night mare but I can’t. I realise now that by feeling everything she felt.
That also, well... included the dying bit!