Name: Erin Munn
Address: c/o St Brendan-Shaw College
Attn.: Mrs J. Aherne
PO Box 436
DevonportTas 7310
Year : 8
School: St Brendan-Shaw College


My eyes are swollen and I cannot see,
I must be stupid, I must be bad, what else could of made my daddy so mad?
I wish I were better, I wish I weren’t ugly,
Then maybe my daddy might still want to hug me.

Don’t make a sound don’t speak at all .
I just heard a car my daddy’s home,
I hear him curse, I hear my name called.
I press my body against the hard wall .

He shouts ugly words, he says it’s my fault.
He slaps me and hits me and yells at me more,
I struggle a lot and head for the door.
My nose, my face is forced to the floor.

His face has been twisted into unimaginable hate,
I lay there motionless sprawled, an unconscious state
My name is Mia and I am but three
This night was the night my daddy murdered me .

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