Have you ever been to a tropical rainforest?
Beams of golden glimmering light streak through the thousands of emerald coloured leaves.
Streams of light ricochet off rocks and plants and send light all throughout the forest.
As you walk, wildlife roams.
Creepy crawling insects scatter across the jungle floor, animals race across the mud and soil.
Flying colourful birds shoot across the thick hot air.
Some birds dare to land on your shoulder.
The sun shines a golden glimmering canary coloured glow.
Trees stand so tall, people seem like ants.
The soil, dark as charcoal, is soft and wet, so when you step on it, your foot is almost enveloped by it.
The air contains several different scents that are strong and clear.
The scent of wildlife plays strong through your nostrils.
The soil has a strange soft smell
The trees and leaves smell untouched by human hand, completely natural.
This is the Australian rainforest, one of the most extraordinary places on earth...