Magic Ball

It was a hot summers day, under big clouds of grey, where 3 kids, Lily, Anne and Bay were about to discover something with amaze that would take them all sorts of ways.
While wondering through the green dense bush, taking photos of a big rosebush, wind would rush past with a sudden whoosh. But nothing would stop those three little tuts. They would take photos of flowers and rainbows, trees and mangoes, all of them from different angles. Walking and walking through the big forest, snapping and snapping until they noticed a big ball of colours from fairest to boldest. It sat on the ground shinnying with glare, warning the kids they should beware, but nothing would stop Anne’s little stare, so she picked the ball up, something the two kids wouldn’t even dare. With a touch of the ball, nothing happened at all, so that made another picture to memories called.
Bay took the ball and kicked it with his all, sending it up and back to the floor. But when it came down to hit the ground, the ball did something the kids just couldn’t get around. It made a sound and turned things upside down, sending them far, away from their town.
They fell to the ground with a big great hit, all the kids confused, not knowing one single bit. “What happened?” said Bay, who looked frightened away, Lily replied” It must of been when we played”
All they could see were people saying weird things, walking around doing their everyday routines. “What should they do?” thought Anne in her head, was it all because of her just because she picked up the ball from the rose bed. So Anne decided to ask one of the people, she turned to a lady with a fluffy white poodle. “Where are we? Asked Anne with kindness and polite but the lady just turned around and gave her a look that didn’t look right. “Well that didn’t work” moaned Bay; she didn’t even have the curtsey to stay “Hold on” thought Lily with a prance, “Isn’t that the Eiffel tower?” “So that means we’re in France!”
The kids were thrilled to be in France; apparently it’s the city of romance. As they looked around and saw the flag, with red, white, blue, the colours on a boy’s schoolbag. French berets must be the thing, everyone’s wearing them, they must be enticing. Lily took the camera out and took a picture, no doubt. “This will go great with the other pictures; it’s nice and cool with a lot of mixtures. Once they had finished exploring the place, they then had to think at a different pace. They didn’t know how they were going to get home, but all they wanted is to not be alone. Bay came up with a plan and quickly ran, straight to the ball where he would test out his plan. He kicked the ball with all his might and gave the other two a fright.
BAM! They had been gone in a flash and landed on the ground with a crash. They looked around all alo ne because they definitely knew they weren’t at home. The kids were in shock and all they could see was a really big rock. It was hot and warm and the desert had a weird form.
They heard a sound so they turned around, surprisingly Kangaroos were found. “I know where we are, said Lily holding a bar. “We’re in Australia, Man, that’s far!” Anne, Bay and lily loved the sound of this place; it looked so adventurous so they decided to have a race. Running past the kangaroos, not to mention the didgeridoos. All of them so interesting but they were missing one thing. So Lily took the camera out with attack and took a snap of Australia’s outback. After the look around, they kicked the ball that they found, so they would hopefully get home to their background.
But Anne, Bay and Lily were wrong, that ball was too strong and lead them to a place where a man sang a song. Calling to sell tickets, for a premier called “Richet’s.” They were lead to a place with gold stars on the floor, in fact they were never ending, there was just more and more. This time none of the kids knew their way, so they asked the man, he told them that they were in L.A. Home was so far, but L.A had all the superstars. Fame is what they felt in this case and took a photo of the place. They all felt so special in the heart but something inside them was falling apart. It was fun then, but were they ever going to see home again?
They decided to try one more time, hopefully before night time. With a kick of the ball they had paid the price but only led them to paradise. There was a nice cool sea breeze which caused Lily to have a slight sneeze. Rich golden sand coming off the shore and big white shells lying on the seafloor. Lily read a sign saying “Welcome to Fiji,” but this is where they didn’t want to be. In fact this did not matter at all, just because of that smart little ball.
They sat on the beach with their hopes held down; all they wanted to do is frown. Bay stared at the ball, running his hands over it all. The white colour caught his eye and he lay his hands on by. When suddenly they were swept off their feet, not knowing what they were going to meet.
They opened their eyes and jumped with glee, for they had arrived home finally. “The white colour must be it, after all it was the one you hit” said Anne with admit. Now they all had a picture so they would never forget, all those adventures that they had met.
So from that day on they would come in the fall and find that same ball, not knowing where they would go at all. Who knows where the ball will take them next. Maybe. Africa.