Harry The Hilarious Hippo

One day Harry and his friend Danny the dingo were playing chasey and Harry was running, he slipped and fell into a pond. When he got up he saw Danny laughing Harry thought, 'Danny was laughing at me.' Danny saw Harry was sad so he asked, "Why are you sad? Please tell me."
Harry replied "ou're laughing at me '' then Harry got out of the water and started walking away. Danny chased after him, he tried to tell Harry that he was laughing at the fact he got wet by the water and not at Harry. When Harry heard this he said, "I'm really sorry for walking away let's be friends again." Harry was really cold so he headed back home but he couldn't see his house!! Danny tried to tell him that his house was behind them but Harry was to busy trying to find his house. When Harry found his house he walked over to it and rang the doorbell and his mum opened the door to find that Harry was wet. She ran down the house and grabbed a towel to wrap around Harry. Harry turned around to find that Danny wasn't there. Harry screamed and dropped it in a puddle when he found Danny he went back home and he found his mum waiting for him she said in a firm voice, "Why did you run away and drop the towel in a puddle?"
He replied in a sad voice, "I'm really sorry. I thought Danny got taken away can you please forgive me," but his mum said Danny had to go home. So she took Danny home and came back with a treat for Harry because he told her the truth. Soon it came for Harry to go to sleep. so he went to sleep straight away. when he got up his mum asked him if he wanted to go to Danny's house. so he said "Ok thankyou mum." He had a sleep over at Danny's house. Before Harry left he gave Danny a card that said " Thankyou for being my friend." Harry went home and he played on his own. That night he fell asleep and had a dream of all the fun things he had done with Danny.



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