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My Rainforest Adventure By Livinia (Imaginative Recount) (Short Story)

by Livinia Rogers, Grade 2G, QLD

Today I woke up at 5:00am in the morning. I put on my loose fitting shirt, trousers, sturdy black boots with little holes in them, wide brimmed hat and a plastic bag with spare dry clothes in case it rained so I didn’t get a cold.

When I got out of the four-wheel drive I could feel the refreshing cool air, it smelt like it had been raining for ages before I came to the rainforest. I decided to explore the forest floor.

The first animal I saw was a magnificent, giant eastern brown snake. I was so scared I felt like I wanted to run but that would be really dangerous!

The second animal I spotted was a beetle eating a rotten berry. I bent down to have a closer look but it stank like rotten eggs and onion mixed together.

Then I turned to the right and saw a bowerbird collecting lots of blue stuff like wrappers and blue flowers. It had beautiful, magnificent, midnight-blue eyes and it looked very graceful.

By now I had seen enough on the forest floor so I decided to go to the understorey. So I went to the bridge in the understorey 20m high off the forest floor.

The first animal I saw in the understorey was a massive, graceful, blue butterfly sucking pollen off a beautiful orchid. That was my favourite animal so far of all the animals I saw.

The second animal I spotted was a black bat hanging upside down on the branch near me. Before I arrived at the rainforest I thought we wouldn’t see a bat because I was going in the day and bats are nocturnal.

The third animal I spotted was a grey Boyd’s dragon it was eating lots of bugs and beetles. I looked down to the forest floor and saw a little stream, it had a cute, little platypus looking after her five tiny, mini babies.

By now I had had enough of the understorey so I decided to go up the ladder to the canopy. I already knew that we would see lots of brightly coloured birds in the canopy.

I went up the ladder and on the way up I already saw lots of birds and lots of berries and colourful, beautiful, rainbow flowers. When I got to the canopy I was 30m high.

The first animal I saw in the canopy was a Crimson Rosella it was eating seeds off some beautiful flowers. The Crimson Rosella was dark red and midnight-blue on its tail and wings.

I could see the emergent trees 50m tall off the ground. I saw a wedge-tail eagle looking for food and other little animals.

I had a great time because I liked the rainforest. The most terrifying animal was the eastern brown snake. I liked the blue butterfly the best of all the animals.

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