Harry The Joker

Once there was a joker named Harry. He always wore a funny hat that was yellow and pink. His hat had little bells that jingled when he moved. Harry loved to tell funny stories and jokes.

Harry lived in the park. He slept on a hammock that hung from an apple tree. He loved eating apples, especially red ones that were just like his red rosy nose.

Each day the children came to play with him at the park and listen to his silly stories. But most of all they loved playing hide and seek with him.

One day when they were playing hide and seek the joker fell asleep when he was hiding. Sometimes Harry the joker was lazy and snoozed often.

One of the children named Amelia was looking for Harry. She couldn’t find him so she asked Lara her best friend to help her.

Soon after, Lara found him snoozing on top of the apple tree. Amelia said “ I will climb up and wake him”. When she climbed up she yelled “ WAKE UP HARRY!”. He jumped up like a Jack-in-the-box.

All of a sudden, Harry the joker fell off the tree, but landed safely on his hammock and fell asleep again. Then Amelia had a great idea. “Why don’t we shout together and wake him up?” said Amelia. So they did. Harry woke up at once!

“Time to have lunch” said Harry the joker. So he brought out yummy food and fruits and some rosy apples of course.

The girls had fun listening to Harry’s stories and jokes. They spent the afternoon having a wonderful picnic at the park.

The End


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