The Game Of Life

Excellence Award in the 'Writers Wanted - July 2011 - Step Write Up' competition

Michelle rolled the dice and smirked triumphantly.
“Three, two, one. I win. Sucked in, David.”
She slammed her piece down on the finish line of the board game she and David were playing. They had just spent the last three hours playing this game and she was oh so glad for it to be over. Not that she didn’t enjoy playing with David, but sometimes his competitive streak just got in the way. She looked up from writing her victory down on paper to see him glaring at his piece.
“Don’t glare at the poor piece of plastic, David, it did nothing wrong.”
She finished writing and stood up, putting a hand in the air and the other on her chest, striking a dramatic pose.
“After all, it was my fate that I won.”
She laughed as he glared harder.
“I let you win.”
Michelle shook her head.
“You can’t control what the dice does, David, I’m sorry. I won fair and square.”
He crossed his arms and looked to the side, annoyed look on his face as he glared out her window. She put her hands on her hips and regarded him with an amused look on her face. He won so many times that a victory felt better than going to sleep clean and full of good food. Shaking her head at him, Michelle reached over and started packing up the pieces. She stopped when his hand reached over and gripped her wrist.
“One more time.”
She sighed, a grin on her face.
“Why? You know I’m just going to win again.”
David shook his head, determined.
“I will beat you this time.”
Even though that was what he said, it wasn’t what he did. Michelle beat him again two hours later. She needed to stop herself laughing when he had to calm himself down by deep breathing. She cleared her throat.
“I’m sorry, David, but you just fail at the Game of Life. Just admit it: there is something I am better than you at.”
He glared at her and looked away again. Michelle couldn’t help herself this time and burst out laughing. She reached over and patted his shoulder, stifling a laugh when he twitched.
“Don’t worry David. It’s just a game.”
“You make it sound like the real thing.”
She snorted.
“Good. That was my intention.”
As he stood up and she shooed him out the door, she could hear him grumbling as he walked down her street to home.
“Game of Life. More like ‘game that only females can win’.”
Chuckling, Michelle closed her door and did a silent victory dance. Finally! Something she could beat David at! And to think, it was hiding in her games cupboard for the past five years...


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