I'm in the principal’s office, again. I can’t help it; I used to be like a princess. I'm in trouble because I'm out of school uniform.
I'm wearing, Black Skinny-Legged jeans, purple and black hi-tops, my mousy brown hair in a side-ponytail, a black top, my gold piercing in my nose and my belly. The school clothes rules are Black Trousers, a red top and hair in a bun.
My dad is in the office glaring at me while I'm just playing on my iPhone 3G.
“Kayla, stop that your suspended wait you’re excluded from Golden Gully Collage” Mr McGee says.
“Oh no I’m so sad, not” I say as I walk out of the principal’s office. “Wait can you give her another chance??” My dad says “No we have given her too many chances” Mr McGee says angrily.
My dad walks out and grabs me on the arm tightly, but I eventually shake it off. I get in our red sports car and start to listen to the music, when we’re half way down to our house dad turns the music down.
“Kayla you need to stop behaving like a spoilt little girl, you behave badly it’s time to grow up, you need more firm rules you’re going to your mums and no arguments!” Dad yells.
“No, I'm not living with mum I won’t ever go there. Stop the bloody car now!” I scream. He stops the car and I get off and run back down the rocky road, my dad gets out of the car
“Kayla, get back here now or you’re banned from your IPhone, IPod, Xbox, Laptop and IPad!” I just swear back at him so he gets in his car and chases after me.
“Get lost, I hate my mother and I hate you!” I scream.
The Next week I'm at my mums house, I do not say anything!


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