Dancing In The Dark

My Grasshopper green nails move across the keyboard like a dancer searching eagerly for your name
But hopes are diminished
because black words say "univailable" across your beautiful name
the corner's of my lips move slightly into a tragic smile
used only for you when I cry another time
wishing upon star's that I'll be next to you
but our love is like dancing in a dark room
I cannot see you,
nor you see me
but yet we manage to move gracfuly across with the melody of our beautiful words into a whisper so quiet, in fear that someone may over hear us
but that is all we have
we just dance to our hopeful song all alone
you cannot see me
nor I see you
so we blame these crashing waves, twisting winds, and violent storms
that continue to fog our vision
but we still whisper calming words in our darkness.
truth dance's on our lips, so pure and calming
that I can feel your beautiful arm's around me
even if it's just imagination playing with my mind
it still calms my reckless heart that is fearless, and lives with no consequence's
and Even knowing all of this,
I still continue to move gracefuly around to our song
and still praying to our Lord that I know is somewhere here
that you will be here next to me,
just like our song promised us
even tho we dance in the dark
and we try to get away from here.
there are to many roads
to many directions
but our hearts still have expectations
and begin to be weak from this pain
this can't just be a cruel game of darkness and silence taunting our feelings
so I wear your heeling heart around my neck
maybe then we can connect?
You said I had wings
you said that you were my wings
and that you will fly me anywhere
well then pick me up and fly me where you are
but no, here I just stand
with these wounded hands
and there you are
with your beautiful made of steal arm
that you say moves to protect me
that I believe one day will be around me
to heal my broken heart that's ripped out to prove our love so strong
but were forced to wonder in our darkness
away from real life
awaiting the light
but we are far from that, as bad comes to worse
depresion linger's in my thoughts
as sharpened objects become friendly
I breath in deeply
and then I hear your voice
thats calming and speaks the truth with energy
so I listen
and place down these sharpened objects
and hesitantly breath in deeply
the pain might of gone away
but the scars are left behind
like a ladder on my wrist
but we must not drown in our past
we must keep striving on
and continue with silent prayers in the dark to our Lord who I know is here
that we will be near
and be forever here
because I know one day we will be in a little church
and look into each other's sparkling eye's and say 'I do'
this is a beautiful dream we have, dreams do come true
and it's also a promise that we keep, yet promises are made to be broken
yet this one is unbreakable
because this is what were left with, and we hold onto it tight
but we addmit that were scared of never being together
and were paranoid of being away forever
nad these depressing thoughts haunt our dreams
and keep us awake at night
trying to fight emotions and tears in our darkness
but our fearless hearts are in love
and that cannot be undone
not even people's lies of our distance can get in our way
because when I see the map your only a few finger lengths away
your only an ocean away
but yet we must keep our spirit's up
because thats all we have left is darkness
so we must keep smilling even tho we cannot see
but either way I will cry another time
because your no where in sight
because our love is like dancing in the darkness


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