Necessity Of Perfection

The date is now 12/12/1995, and my name is Murdock Knox. The area was a cell, locked from society like a crazed animalistic human. All I've come to be, a monstrous mistake by nature. The reason for my being there shall be explained to you later on. What occurred was this: over five months, I plotted my escape from the cell. This conversation is just between me and you. Listen carefully because I will not repeat myself.

Someone died because of me, because I wanted to prove that my brain can prevail every obstacle, even prison walls. My mind didn't allow me to lower myself to dig a hole, or anything cliché. I walked out the doors with no one to stop me, and left that area without a trace. But I still feel bad about the soul I let get caught. His name still lingers.... Michael.

This wasn't a typical prison. no guards inside the premises, despite all the fights. Probably cause they didn't care if we lived or died, or they were just too afraid for their own lives. In any case, they were never inside the prison, just in the back and front of the prison, probably 50 of them on each side. Darkness was our only opportunity for escape. That being said, I only got this chance once a month, when the person who runs the place waits till the final drop of energy is done till he replaces the battery cells. Cause when that battery is out, pitch black. I was waiting for that day for what seemed like an eternity. But one day, it finally came, like a blessed gift from heaven.

Then he started running out the back, hoping that he stays on straight track and doesn't bump into a gunman by accident. With only 50 meters to liberation, light broke through the darkness, and 100 gunmen surrounded Michael. Bang, bang, bang, and his blood filled the floor. Of course, this is only my imagination of the event. Because I wasn't anywhere near him for 700 meters, at least. Thanks Mike, for keeping all the guards busy and helping me escape from the front of that prison. Probably not the ending you expected, but when has anything been expected. But with him dead, it wasn't the perfect ending to the perfect plan I wanted.

“Finally, I caught up to you. Listen, I found a way out of this bottomless hell. In 5 days..... We'll talk later, too many people snooping around. When high tide comes, you either ride with me or die here alone. You’ll know all the details soon enough. Are you with me Mike?"
“Of course.”
“Then you can go see your family again.”
“What family?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot. "Hah"

WHO AM I KIDDING?!?! He was just the spice this event required. So clueless, so naive, so lonesome. When he died, no one shed a tear. So scratch out what I said before, because he was the perfect person for the perfect ending for the perfect plan.

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