Making Pictures

A swirling pool of hopes and dreams, behold my picture of words.
It grows and swells, with things unheard,
rippling with magic and wonder.

Ideas and thoughts come flapping like gulls to a meal.
Depths of time and tears are past, the picture is finally done,
a dripping masterpiece of whirling colors.
I am a peacock of pride, resplendent with words.

Refusal comes like a hungry shark, shredding hope and spirit.
Mocking laughs echo in memory, sending high hopes crashing,
again and again.
The picture is thrown away,
left to rot, it shrinks and shrivels into decay.

The night is dark, the moon is full,
I wake and see for a moment my phantom picture fading away.
My mind bubbling with new ideas, hopes risen anew.
Pen and paper, quick I take to paint afresh my picture of words.