Last Moments

Excellence Award in the 'Step Write Up 2011' competition

I look inside
And see a broken heart
The girl’s soul is swept aside
Her delicate wings like centuries of ancient art.

Her words are unspoken
She has many scars for proof
The glass rose will be broken
She wishes her life were tamperproof.

She is waiting for her killer
As she prays to God
I begin to shiver.

Will someone save me she asks?
But no one’s there to listen
Deep inside is the fear she masks
Her heart begins to quicken.

At just thirteen her father is her killer
His fiery knife is driven in
Her reflection is still watching from the mirror
As her last breath is taken in

She releases a final tear
The glass rose has been stung
Her end’s descent is sheer
Her life is lost before it’s even begun.

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