William And Daisy

Excellence Award in the 'Step Write Up 2011' competition

Last Saturday Nana Jane and Papa Bob invited our family to visit their big country house. Although their little puppy Daisy had not seen me for a long time, she recognised me straight away and barked at me friendly, while wiggling her tail.

Suddenly, something pushed me from behind, which almost made me fall. When I looked back, I got frightened at first. There was a HUGE dog staring at me. He was so tall that when he jumped up, he even reached my lips and gave me a big kiss. Nana Jane told me his name was William and he was her daughter’s dog.

Not for long, William and I became good friends. He chased me around in the orchard and also around the house. Wherever I went, he followed me like an old friend. He loved to play the ball game with me. I tried to throw the ball as hard as I could. But no matter how hard I threw, William brought it back in a blink of an eye.
When we were having lunch, Papa Bob told William and Daisy to go to their own beds and stayed away from the dinner table. They both behaved very well. Mum was joking that they even behaved better than me. While we were having dessert, my little sister fell asleep so Dad put her on the lounge. William walked to her and looked at her carefully. He must be thinking what this little creature is, why she is so tiny and adorable.

No matter how much I would love to play with William and Daisy forever, unfortunately it was time to go home. I had a wonderful time but Mum said that her headache started because I kept asking her when I could get my own puppy. Hopefully one day I will!



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