War Is Here

Excellence Award in the 'Writers Wanted - July 2011 - Step Write Up' competition

We say goodbye to our brave brave men
They leave the docks at five past ten
Most of them are young and strong
They hope the war won't last too long.
The men like lions charge out to battle
As the bombs rain down and machine guns rattle
All the men dive down into the muddy trench
And fix barricades with a monkey wrench.
Thousands die in the first long week
If you want to survive be strong and sleek.
Disease kills many men by the ton
You cannot escape there is nowhere to run!
Broken bones, bleeding wounds heads blown off
And the wheezing and gagging of the soldier's cough
Shellshock makes many a soldier go crazy
So get up, get moving, don't be lazy.
Now has anyone really won this fight?
So many dead, it gives me many a sleepless night.