The sun was just peaking over the hills and the air was clean,
We trudged through the trees, pushing past stubborn branches
That would fling back and hit us in the face.
Our noses were cold and the dew clung to the grass
We were alone, the three of us off on an adventure.
Traipsing through the bush land of the family farm
We passed a few cows grazing in a paddock,
We stopped and took the snatches of dry hay from our pockets
It glittered like gold in the early morning sun.
We held out our hands and the herd approached.
They had gentle, wet brown noses
Their mouths covered our hands,
Tongues flicking out to eat the offering
Leaving our palms warm and wet.
We continued past the cows that dotted the landscape.
Walking lazily through the grasses and weeds
We welcomed the day ahead.