Excellence Award in the 'Step Write Up 2011' competition

Each forest is special and different, magical even. Something that sets it above others, maybe the trees, or the plants, the feel or even what lives between the lapping leaves of the tall trees.
But there is something you should know, there is a secret behind the trees, it’s about Questers forest, you probably haven’t heard of it before, but at midnight something magical happens under a full moon. Well, this story about a girl with brown hair and blue eyes aged 13 named Grace. She simply wanted adventure and thought none of her safety so she ventured out into the forest at midnight with a torch in hand.
Once she was deep in the forest the torch flickered before blacking out mysteriously, she thought she had put new batteries before. Just then a bright light lit up from the centre of the forest, without the torch she had no chose but to follow the light that led to a portal. With curiously she put her hand in, despite the consequences. The portal looked as if it was swallowing her hand pulling it forward, dragging her in. Inside the portal was a different world it was dark and unwelcoming, with nowhere to go she cried till no tears were left and decided she couldn’t stay there forever, so she walked through dark corridor.
On the other side of the corridor were trees that arched into a doorway. With nowhere to go I walked cautiously in between the trees. The trees closed the entrance leaving no vulnerable exits. Through the trees was a small cottage, and out of nowhere an elderly woman, offered some fruit, aware of the portal that led her here she didn’t accept it, in case it was poisonous. Inside a small house was a women in her late sixties, Grace pledged her to take her home. But the women only said every wish has a price to pay, the price for this wish was to get the magic charm in wonder cave before midnight. Immediately she accepted, how hard could it be? After receiving a map from the women she set off on a boat. At the arrival on wonder cave she went in. Inside was a game and on top was a plaque saying "test of memory". Then out of nowhere a board lit up to reveal 18 cards. The game was a memory game, she stepped on one of the cards to reveal a tomb carved into the stone card. Unaware of the clock ticking, she soon revealed the cards the tomb and the statue. By the end of 1 minute with thirty seconds to go she was down to the last two and finished with seconds to spare. The next room was the test of trust, where she would be given 6 questions, in which she must answer truthfully in two minutes. The first question was "What do you treasure most" With some thought, Grace replied" My family." The next questions skimmed past as she answered them quickly answered. In the last room stood the charm but there was one last task. This was to give something in return for the charm. With nothing on her she gave the map that the women had given her in return for the charm. When leaving the cave, it proved difficult finding the boat without the map. Soon the sun was setting and when she reached the boat, the sun was hidden behind the mountains. At the cottage she gave the charm to the woman, who granted her wish, but she would not remember anything that happened.

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