Ode To The Controllers

You hold the power to choose our fate;
You are never too early or too late;
In spite of its flawed precision
What you say is the final decision;
You live your egocentric life in vain,
As long as you receive your own gain
The sufferers do not cause you any pain;
Selfishness regulates your life’s way,
It drives you to violate what you say;
Justice has never really existed here!
The whole world lives under your fear.

They have not been born only yesterday,
Nor have they just learned how to crawl,
Since the beginning, they made the rules to play
The game where it is a crime to fall.
The murderous minds that fill our space –
They decide on others’ luck and place,
Ready to stage a deceiving face,
They lurk in all corners of the globe,
Wearing disturbingly disguised robes,
Covering lies under the mask of truth,
Feeling no disgrace as they slyly sleuth.

We see you buried under your false fame,
Yet, we are not guilty of a lower shame –
There are no youth among us with bravery
Who would rip away all our traits of slavery!
Why are we in such a sorry state?
Where are our boundaries, where are our gates?
Why can we not refuse your bates?
Our cowardice filled heart should rot,
For we cannot put a stop to your plot –
Controllers of the world, I admire you,
What most cannot do, are done by few.