Marvelous Poetry

Poetry is a whisper, a wish, a thought. Like a distant star in endless space.
The cry of one’s mind, the truth at heart.
Emotions, flowing like a stream, anger, friendship, jealousy and love all as one.
To know, to feel, to spread the joy, like a rising wave.
A dream of hope, changing with the ages. Not knowing the end of your perilous ride,
To loss to victory, the choice not yours to decide.
A puzzle a game, to shout out the thoughts of your mind.
They say it’s what fools do to sit around and ponder, to think and rhyme to twine words together. But who we are, they will never know.
Why our love to write these words grow stronger, to know the meaning of poetry in us, and how to create it lies in our minds.
The swishes of our hands to the will of our minds, and a touch of joy. Poetry, never the same, not for you, not for me