You’re stuck in a crowd of people whose faces you can’t see,
they might as well be the same, they’ve no identity.
A cacophony of voices combine to make one sound,
the echo from the throng of people wandering around.
You try and understand what’s happening in all the commotion
but no one has body language, where is the emotion?
Why am I so lonely when I have three hundred friends?
I tell them what I’m thinking but no one comprehends.
I thought this place was better than the place I left behind,
a place where no one judges, a place to share my mind.
I realise I was wrong, perhaps I was naïve.
The love I seek is absent, this community deceives.
Is there anybody out there?
Anyone who cares for me?
Someone that I can talk to, someone that I can see.
Someone to sit and share with, someone to listen to.
Someone who I can bond with, someone who tells the truth.
A community that matters, a community that’s real.
Can anybody help me? Or is this an ideal?


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