Salia Is Trapped

In a small town called Wisteria there lived a young girl called Salia. She was 11. It was in the middle of winter. Salia’s parents passed away when she was 9 years old so she had been living in an orphanage. Salia didn’t like living in an orphanage and dreamt of living in Australia. One night, Salia crept out of the window of her room, and slithered down the vines on the building. Salia walked along the cold street and across the sand of the beach. On the beach there was a boat fit for and individual person, so Salia quietly hopped into the boat without anyone noticing. The ocean was wild and swept the boat along the ocean heading in the wrong direction. The next morning Salia found herself lying on the sand of a desert in the middle of nowhere. She stood up and started to wander around. While Salia was walking, two men came up to her, grabbed her by the hand and dragged her along the cold sand. Salia found herself behind a fence as sharp as tigers teeth in a Detention Centre for refugees. Salia sat in the cold, dusty sand, staring through the tigers teeth. That night Salia wandered around the Detention Centre, wailing as the cold sand swept along the desert. In the distance Salia pictured a person with a rope. “Help, Help” she screamed, but nobody responded. Salia rushed over to the tigers teeth, without noticing the big hole in the sand. Unfortunately Salia fell through the hole. The next morning the security guards were looking all over the Detention Centre for Salia but they couldn’t find her. The security guards thought that she might have got past the fence during the night, but as they were walking over to the fence they found Salia lying in a hole in the sand. The security guards pulled Salia out of the hole in the sand and for the rest of Salia’s life she lived in the Detention Centre as a refugee.
The End.


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