T He Old Mans Prediction

The Old Mans Predictions –By Jorden Cooper
There once was a place, where the people were kind but quiet. The wildlife was bright and alive. There was a large forest but this forest was more like a meadow with lots of trees. The air was fresh and the birds, bees and butterflies flew without care .This land was also home to great mountains.
Then one day, the people of this town heard something. It was like a deep, loud roar. The birds in the trees were frightened and jumped. The people of this peaceful town didn’t know what it was, incept one. He was an old master from long ago. He told the people the story of when he was young. He told them how the sky went dark and the mountains roared but everyone thought is was fiction.
He tried to convince them but it just didn’t work. The mysterious sound came back and the people started talking amongst each other. Could the old master be right? They started to wonder where he had gone. As all way, no one knew. He stayed in his cottage that looks upon the water. On his veranda, he studied the sky and the mountains for a change in the weather. Nothing, well at lest, nothing yet. The master new something will happen soon.
One cold, dark and frosty morning, people of the town woke up with a start. They wonder why they woke up. None of them had a nightmare. The master knew what happened, for the same thing happened years ago. He had been awake for some time even though he felt drowsy. The sun rose and flashed down like a light shinning above their heads.
After the sun died down a little, the master went out side and went for a walk in town. The beams from the sun made the yellow bricks in the streets shine in his eyes but he didn’t worry him. He saw that people were frightened. Some people asked him what was going on, but when they did he looked them in the eye and they look back. The fear in their eyes made him say ‘Do not worry too much’. He walked to the water. It slowly water stared to rise and the sky darkened. He warned the people of what was about to happen. He told them not to go out side after night fall for strange people were about to come. A week later they saw strange looking people.
On day, when the sky was turning a deep blue, water appeared on the streets, higher and higher by the hour. The people of the town went to the high grounds of the master. He said gather round, be careful. He explained that the city will flood and all of a sudden something unexpected happened, there was a big puff of smoke. It came out of the mountain. They then realized it was a volcano.........
The catastrophes lasted for 8 weeks.
Was this to be The End?