Lauren, The New Fairy Queen

Up on the hill, where the apple blossoms fall.
Above the shimmering lake, you shall find the majestic fairy palace hall.
In the sky butterflies are dancing,through the village streets unicorns prancing.
For tonight all the village shall rejoice at the queen’s coronation ball.

Around the palace garden they all gather,
When they see Laurens beauty they all start to chatter.
As the mermaids of the lake sing and splash, the woodland creatures make a dash.
To get to the palace festivities on time.

Inside the ballroom, gems and diamonds glitter and gleam.
Lovely Lauren enters and with excitement all the creatures beam.
With her curly golden hair like sunshine, and sweet blue eyes like the sky.

All watch as her three sisters place the crown upon Lauren’s royal head,
And are amazed by her beautiful dress, made of the finest golden thread.
The starry night is spent eating delicious foods and celebrating away,
The kingdom is happy as the young pixies dance ballet.
All for their new fairy queen.

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