Near Escape

There I was, running for my life. Arrows being fired at me. My name is Jakato; I am a 13 year old ninja in training. I was being chased by 6 samurai who were out to kill me because I was in their land searching for food. The year is 1620 in Japan. “Only 500 meters to our hide-out”, I said to myself. The samurai were very close now, falling would result in death. They took out their katanas and were slashing the air. I took out my own katana just in case. 200 meters now. I screamed out for help. Then the unexpected happened. I’ve walked this area a million times, known e very bit of land, every rock. But some rock must have found its way in here. One second I was running my heart out next I was on the ground, my face in dust. I’d tripped. I spun around as fast as I could. Straight away a katana went flying at me. I very luckily blocked it with my katana. I was on the floor fighting for my fife. Out of nowhere, a kick came into my ribs. I rolled over in agony. But I still had to fight, if I wanted to five. Luck was on my side today because the Grandmaster came out with a group of ninjas to save me. The samurai ran away knowing that they wouldn’t stand a chance fighting that many ninjas. When we got back to the hide-out, the Grandmaster checked me and told me I had two cracked ribs. He told me I would have to rest and stay safe to heal. Even though I didn’t die at the hands of the samurai, I still felt defeated; being a ninja is what I live for.

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