The Little Pony And The Treasure

Once upon a time lived a little pony. Her mother died when she was one. So she had a lonely life. One her second birthday, in the middle of the night a bright light appeared right next to her. She opened the light, and guess what she saw! Right in front of her was a fairy godmother. The fairy godmother said “if you want to keep the thing your mum wanted to give you before she died, you must do as I say. On your third birthday you must go deep into the woods and you can find your mum’s treasure somewhere there, but remember there are lots of enemies.” Then the fairy godmother disappeared.
So on her third birthday she went deep into the forest. On the way she met a wolf, the wolf started to attack her. It bit her skin off and it started to bleed. The blood went all over the wolfs face so that he couldn’t see, and she managed to escape. She went everywhere but she couldn’t find it. Then a lion just caught sight of her and leaped across the grass and got her. She wriggled a lot and the lion got sweaty paws that she slid away. On the way she met hundreds of little animals who told her the way to her mum’s present. So she found it along with a key hanging around it and she became best friends with the animals.

By Cassandra Wang

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