Jackson My Bun

Bouncy attitude, full of boundless energy
Watching him is definitely good therapy,

His silky black fur shimmers in the sunlight,
Fat, cute and crazy, he's oh....so right.

With huge,dazzling brown eyes and an adorable black nose,
He performs entertaining backflips with spontaneous pose,

Fearless, he attacks magazines and newspapers,
It's one of his athletic, smart,quirky capers,

Confident and committed to a life full of glee,
He's fabulous, inspirational and adorable to me.

With a quick lick of his pink tongue and a ridiculous yawn,
He performs a 360 flip and lands perfectly on the lawn!

It's natural to bite and sharpen his teeth,
So many household items have come to great grief.

He scoots quickly and freezes, he's fabulous fun,
He's silly and gorgeous... that's my Bun!


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