3rd in the 'Calling All Poets 2007' competition

Dry and barren dust scatters behind the ute,
Everything gone, droughts taken it, last bit of feed is in the boot,
Cattle hungry, wheat crops dead,
Dead sheep is found, usual now, nothing is said,
Family farm is going broke,
Dad's really hard on himself, no more funny Aussie bloke,
Family happiness is gone forever, smiles are rare today,
Dark clouds loom above our heads, we realise that they're here to stay,
The sky opens up, water floods the dams,
Rain, storms all new for calves and lambs,
Water soaks the land for weeks,
Lush green grass, happiness peaks,
Crops are planted, new grass starts to grow,
Sun appears, a beautiful rainbow,
The storm begins to say goodbye,
Drought finally over- and I'm telling you that’s no lie!



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