Mars Should Have Been A Great Adventure

Mars was coming into view. We were twenty miles away from our destination. “It looks like we’re going to make it” said Mike excitedly. “Fifteen miles left” said Jessica, watching one of the control screens.
“What’s that?” said Francis quietly. “Mike, are you getting that?” said Francis. “Yes” said Mike, “it is interfering with our landing gear”. “Five miles to go” said Jessica, “get the landing gear down before we crash”. “Oh! No!” said Jessica, I am getting something on the screen, it’s a weird shaped object and its coming right at us”.
A face appeared on the screen, I screamed, it was ugly and it said “DO NOT LAND HERE – we have destroyed your probes”. The alien was small and plump with a big blue and eye, a red eye and a tiny mouth.
The alien started shooting at us but it was too late to turn back, we felt a big thump as we crash landed. The ship had shut down and everyone had been knocked out of their seats and the damage caused by the aliens meant we could not take off again. “Let’s get out of here” said Mike. We ran for the door and got out and ran away from the ship and then BOOM! It blew up.
“What are we going to do now” we all said. We walked looking for something, ANYTHING, and then we all saw it, the probe we came looking for. It was way beyond repair. If only the probe was working, then we would be able to contact the base. Mike, Jace and Francis tried to fix it while Jessica and I looked around. Jessica picked up a rock and we tumbled into the bottom of a hole. “Girls” yelled Jace. They ran over and peered through the top of a hole and together they pulled us out. It was getting dark and we were really thirsty and hungry and this famous red planet I had read so much about was dangerous and inhospitable.
It had been 3 days. Mike said “how are they going?” I said, bad, the dehydration is getting to them. The next morning, just after dawn, we realized that Jace had died and less than half an hour later Jessica joined him. The grief was kicking in as Mike, Francis and I walked looking for something to eat. Mike had begun to hallucinate and kept screaming WATER!! Every time we passed a pothole. We sat down on some soft red dirt and Mike fell asleep. Then out of nowhere green lights started coming at us. One of the lights hit Mike and he screamed in pain – a laser had hit him. He closed his eyes and didn’t wake up. Then a voice said “I told you not to come here, now you can pay”. We turned around to see the small alien and then two large aliens appeared and grabbed us, we struggled to get away but their sticky arms held us tight. We started to lift up into the air as a space ship appeared above us. “Stun them” called the small alien and the other two took out strange looking gadgets and zapped us.
A little while later we woke in a white room with a window. I crawled over to it, we were moving and we were in a ship. “Renee”, called Francis, “look there is food”. We walked to the table where there was weird looking things and a note which read – ENJOY YOUR LAST MEAL. We looked at the food, it looked revolting but we were so hungry we ate it. “It wasn’t as bad as it looked” said Francis. We stayed in there for what felt like hours and suddenly a solid wall opened like a door and five new aliens walked into the room, followed by the ever familiar small alien. “I believe I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Master Cardow, and you are both being sent to death in the chamber of horror”. “Master shall we start with the blonde?”. I screamed, “NO” yelled Francis. Three aliens stepped forwards and grabbed Francis, “we will take the boy seeing he is so willing”. He struggled but they were too strong and another wall opened and they threw him in the chamber. I heard noises like chains and zaps, he screamed and then NOTHING! A minute later the door to the chamber opened and they went in and returned with a covered body. I knew what had happened and I cried. My friends were gone, I was alone. “What are they going to do to me”, I thought.
The aliens started to come for me and I made a run for it out the only open door. I ran through the strange room with all its gadgets and devices that I had never seen before. A big red button was on the wall with a door beside it. I hoped that it would lead somewhere with a good hiding place. I pressed the button and the door opened. I ran out of the room without looking.
I realized I was falling. I saw Mars red dirt in front of me and my helmet smashed onto a rock. I was stunned and could hardly breathe. I looked up at the ship and the aliens were staring down at me. They were laughing, I started to suffocate, everything was spinning and then it went black. ……………