Harry The Hobbit

Along time ago there lived hobbits but there was one different hobbit whose name was Harry. He didn’t do what normal hobbits did, he was brave and never scared. He had an older brother called William who was smart and not scared either but he was a little crazy. They were a few of the only hobbits around.

One day the two brothers climbed a hill and found..... a dagger. They did not tell the king they found the dagger because it was special. The dagger could go back in time, but there was something that gave power to the dagger. It was water, but, not normal water, a mystical water. This water could only be found on the other side of the mountains, where nobody dared to go because on that side of the mountains lived unknown creatures like dragons, mermaids and other dangerous creatures.

The two brothers then went on a quest. They made swords, armour and shields. The king thought the hobbits were a little suspicious because he was like there father as their parents were killed by the dangerous creatures. This happened sometime back.... this hobbit family were new there in Hobberland and the parents had never heard of these dangerous creatures and had gone to get some water from the mountains when they were killed. The children were at home with William in charge because he was older, which is how they survived. The mum said “I hope the boys are okay home alone,” when they heard a loud “GRRRRR” noise. The parents tried to escape but it was to late, “crunch and munch,” the parents were dead.

The brothers went to the library and found the only way to destroy the dagger was to put it back into it’s cave where it belonged. So they travelled and travelled until the king had noticed that they were gone. The king then made some soldiers go and search for the hobbits. It took day and night and the king realised that the brothers went searching for the cave. He knew where the cave was but it was past the unknown land.

The brothers made camp near the unknown land. They knew they were close to the unknown land so they made a plan. The next day the brothers made a distraction which didn’t work but luckily they had plan B. It was time to use their weapons. They ran and blocked the fire bolts from the dragons and jumped over the mermaids and..... they made it.

So the brothers went to the cave which said “a life had to be sacrificed to open this door.” William said, “I’m older, I should take the sacrifice because I got shot with a fire bolt and I’m bleeding very badly.” Harry said, “why didn’t you tell me earlier as I would have helped.” But then they heard a gun noise. It was the king, their father but he said “give me the dagger. I’v been searching day and night for the dagger and now you’ve got it Hobbits.” “What do you mean hobbits, you’re a hobbit too, aren't you?” said Harry. But then a noise was coming. The cave was falling apart and William thought, “the king’s a fraud, he’s been trying to use us.” The king then ran and tried to get the dagger but the brothers had a plan. They moved in front of the hole where the dagger was to be placed to be destroyed and the king ran and hit it straight into the hole and along with destroying the dagger, he died and the hobbits ran and... just made it out in time before the cave blew up.

The two brothers now became the kings because after the king had died his sons would have to be king. The village said, “long live the kings,” and from that day forward they lived happily ever after.


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