Vampire Club

She is! She isn’t! Midnight was indeed a vampire. Her vampire life was a secret. She was half vampire and half werewolf. Midnight had the idea of making a vampire club and she started off with her best friend Maria, who was half vampire and half sorceress. Then she invited Wolfina, half vampire and half three headed dog and Dalfina, half vampire and half Korean.

Weeks later Wolfina left the club and made friends with a mortal (Wolfina was obsessed with mortals). To replace Wolfina Midnight invited Laylah half vampire and half werewolf [just like Midnight], to join the club. Meanwhile, Wolfina and her mortal friend, Sophia, saw the new member Laylah walking with the rest of the club and Wolfina was enraged!

Midnight and the others tried to reason with her but she just said, “You replaced me!! You replaced me and you betrayed me.”

“No, we replaced you but we never betrayed you.” said Dalfina.

“Yeah that’s right we never, ever betrayed you.” said Laylah.

“Ha, ha, ha very funny.” said Wolfina.

“It’s true, it’s true I tell you, you blood sucking mortal lover!” screamed Maria. All eyes were on her. “Oh-no.” she muttered under her breath, clapping a hand over her mouth. Then as quick as lightning she sped off down the path.

“Maria!” called Midnight running after her. “Maria come back and we can sort something out!”

Wolfina just laughed and said to herself, “Serves you right for calling me names.” And with nothing more than a backward glance Wolfina walked off with her mortal friend Sophia trailing behind her.

Midnight and the others found their friend Maria crying her eyes out. “I have never called someone names in my whole life and now I-I-I-I’ve done it!” she sobbed.

“Its not nice to name call but I think we can fix it.” said a voice behind them.

“Sophia! What are you doing here?” said Midnight through gritted teeth.

“What do you want?” Maria half sobbed.

“I want to help Maria and Wolfina to become friends again and get Wolfina back into the Club.” said Sophia.

So they huddled together to make a plan. The plan was very simple, the next day Sophia told Wolfina that Maria was really sorry for calling her names and begged her to rejoin the club. Wolfina finally gave in and joined the group once again and Sophia still hung out with them anyway, Vampire or not.



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