Fairy Fight

Once upon a time there lived a 12 year old girl named Madeline. She was lying on her bed after her weekly game of soccer and she was exhausted! Madeline’s faerie, Lulu hadn’t just played soccer so she didn’t really know how tired Madeline really was.
You see every girl has a faerie and every boy has a pixie. Their faeries / pixies, are like their soul but on the outside of their body. Everybody has a different colour faerie / pixie and if you ever see any of the same colour then check with their owners about the exact colour name, they could be completely different you just might not notice. But, just say that you saw a cyan faerie and a cyan pixie (and you were sure that it was their correct colour) it means they are soul mates. Unfortunately for children you don’t usually meet your soul mate until you are about 20 – 25 years old.
Anyway, Lulu was a lilac faerie and boy, did she have attitude! Oh and she was a chatterbox which didn’t help!
Madeline was so tired that she could easily fall asleep except that Lulu would not stop talking about how good Madeline’s team, The Witches, were and how they will defiantly win the grand final since they are the best in their age group. Half an hour had gone by and Madeline had been patient to see it Lulu would be quiet at all but she hadn’t, not one bit! So as a result of that Madeline burst out, “Shut up Lulu I am trying to sleep!”. “Fine then you really could have told me that without yelling!” Lulu shouted back, “I was only trying to congratulate you and your team! I don’t appreciate you always being this selfish! God!”. And she flew out of the room in a temper of rage. When Lulu did this it made Madeline feel really guilty about yelling at her and sad that they were in a fight; well that is what it looked like to her. Then Madeline started to cry because she absolutely hates it when they are fighting since Lulu was her best friend ever! If Lulu ever flew more than 40 metres away from Madeline, and pulled hard enough, Madeline and Lulu’s connection would break and Madeline would be left without a best friend and Lulu would be just a stray faerie with no one to be her best friend ever again, which, when thought about made both of them cry. Luckily Lulu would never think of flying that far and Madeline would never break the connection because, without a best friend, there is really no point to life.
So Madeline laid there crying about it for another hour until she felt something very faint on the neck, it was Lulu! Quickly, before Lulu could say anything, Madeline cried “Oh, I am so sorry for the way I yelled at you!” And Lulu said, “And I am also sorry for the way I reacted to what you said and I hope we can forget about this and move on!” “Of course we can!” said Madeline.
So it was resolved and they were best friends again!


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