La Luna

My body trembled as I changed and I slipped into the woods, weaving in and out of the trees,
breaking into a jog.
Past the hooting owl in the oak tree, searching for prey, and the rabbits sleeping snug in their
Along the small dirt track, which leads to the river, across the bridge, watching the silver fish glint
and shimmer in the dull light.
Sliding into the dark forest once again, beginning the accent up the mountain side, dodging the
sharp rocks and cracks, filled with poisonous weeds.
Then into a clearing, where the cool breeze blows and the leaves rustle along with the swaying grass.
Black as coal was the sky, but clouds covered my beloved, so I sat and waited.
Waited for the wind to blow and the clouds to shift, changing the scene around me.
At last, the beauty was unmasked; she shone down on me in the opening, creating a grey and silver
I watched in awe as I saw the indigo flowers glow in the dark, as was my fur which was once brilliant
white, now sleek, glowing silver.
I tipped my head back, feeling my soul wake and let out a sound of sorrow and joy
I hear it echo into the valley below, where the humans rest.
La Luna, we meet again…


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