A Birthday Never To Forget

The day went by as a sunny day. The bright sun envying the moon before it came out. It had the brightness of no mans creation. A beautiful lady came out on her balcony and said to herself, “if just once if my prince charming had the brightness of the sun in his face,” She went by the name Elizabeth. Elizabeth went and got ready for school. She wore her hair down and straightened it, she then wore make up but a really light apply to it. She went downstairs after her getting ready for school she went and had breakfast with her elegant family. Her family had a surprise for her and her amazing most handsome boyfriend soon to be living together for the future for college. They all gathered around the dining table and had a beautiful cake but unfortunately the cake wasn’t big it was small. It wrote ‘My dearest daughter Elizabeth Happy Birthday’ she loved the cake no matter how small it was but the most important thing she will never figure it out is that there is an eighteenth birthday party for her and for her not to know.
She hugged them all and was speechless to what came to an extent to wear she had tears running besides her check cold but yet she loved it and was embarrassed that her cheeks turned cherry red. Where she went inside the kitchen and breathed to be the extent that no one noticed her cry. Her boyfriend who’s name is Daniel came in and checked up on her. “Are you okay because you didn’t look good,” he said to her. She shook her head saying nothing is wrong it is just that I’m very happy and overwhelmed to be her parents are celebrating her birthday. She kissed them on the cheek and said thank you to what they went through and that they are the most amazing parents ever. Her parents replied, “Sweetie, you haven’t seen anything yet this is just a small step,” and kissed her on the cheek and told her goodbye for she needs to go to school. She hopped into Daniel’s car and he got into the passenger seat. His car was a Nissan 370Z convertible it’s a shiny red in color and had a beautiful touch of sliver into it. The seats were leather sliver and the wheels had sliver rims. He turned on the engine twisting it to the limit were you could hear the roaring sound of the engine at the end of the street. They went off not knowing what’s behind us just trying to get to school on time.
As we entered the school grounds we found are parking spot not taken just there waiting for us. She got down. She kissed Daniel goodbye for she had a class to get to pronto. As she got to class she sat next to her best friends; Melissa, Emma and Alison. They all greeted her with respect and sat down in her chair. As their teacher Mr. Davidson walked in the whole class as one greeted him with ‘Good morning Sir’ then sat back down in their chair. Mr. Davidson taught Math’s the worst subject that Elizabeth had. As that class finished and as Elizabeth was counting down the minutes they went to their next subject English. They all entered and their teacher Mrs. Bellwood greeted her children with all respect and made them sit down. She began the lesson talking about Shakespeare affection in his play and how it shows emotion, blind ambition and sanity vs. insanity, she talked about all the themes Shakespeare portrays in his play. Elizabeth loved Shakespeare’s play so much that in her free time she reads. She has interpreted Macbeth, Hamlet, Antonio and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet and lots more. She admires Shakespeare’s creation for all the right reason to do so. He has lots of passion in his work. After she finished in English her best friends met her at the cafeteria. After they had finished their lunch they had other subjects left to go through. As the day ended, the night began she went with Daniel to a place she has never been but what was out of the ordinary. It was a beautiful place but as we entered the lights were off. Pitch black cannot see your finger. I held Daniel by the hand and we walked and then he stopped. “Sweetie why did we stop and why….” She couldn’t finish the sentence, everyone screamed out, “Surprise, Happy 18th birthday Elizabeth,” she had the biggest smile ever from her right cheek bone to her left. She was the happiest girl ever the place was a club. Now that she is 18 so that makes her legal to go to clubs. She greeted everyone and said thank you from what they have been going through. The place was like a castle. The walls were, gold in color and had a little bit of sliver as a touch to it. The bar was in a round shape, the bench top color is red and the bottom base is black the dance floor was huge say about , you know the Grammy awards that’s how huge it is the centre of everything. She hugged her parents which were thankful for everything they did for her. Then she saw her boyfriend lonely on the dance floor circling around it waiting for her to finish. She didn’t let anyone disturb her as she approached. She then approached him and jumped on him where he got scared and then she had to speak because he was sad because she went to everyone else except for him so she began to speak, “thank you so much, please don’t be upset with me and that l love you more than anything thank you for what you went through. Can you now look at me please I cannot handle this pain,” he smiled and looked up at her and said don’t worry and wished her a happy birthday then gave her a kiss as a gift, but he had other things to give her.
Everyone gathered around her and gave her birthday presents and he gave her a ring that no one expected it had two hearts joined together and he said, “this is what we are together never going to separate ok,” she hugged and kissed him and said thank you. This was the night she will never ever forget no matter what would happen. She took lots of photos so it makes her memory stronger.


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