Jail Break

This story all started when a grey lead pencil, called Mr. Pixel, was sharpened on the other end of his head, or in other words, he was now double ended. How mean can you get? He was so angry. His plan to blow up the C.N tower had been spoiled by the S.B.I. (Stationary Bureau of Investigation) and he was put behind bars.
He made a new friend in jail, Mr. Drone, who was a crayon. The S.B.I. were rulers, and guarded the prison with the sharpeners. Mr. Drone had a cigarette lighter and found an old land mine under one of the cubicles in the toilets.
They both wanted to get out of jail so they had to drain the toilet of its water, light the lighter, chuck it in there, flush the toilet and run like the wind. Then the guards will come. While they run, they push a couple of guards into the fire and while the guards guarding the gates tend to the fire, they open them and let ALL the prisoners out and run home to escape. IT’S FOOL PROOF!
Well at least it WAS fool proof until the fact that they didn’t know how to drain the toilet, so they had to break the pipe that was holding the water in, and the only way they were going to do that was with Mr. Schwartzaneggar, the biggest, strongest guy in the prison. He was a pair of scissors. He was in a high security jail and only came out on Fridays at 5 for half an hour, so they didn’t have long.
It was Friday and Mr. Schwartzaneggar was coming and as soon as they saw him, the companions approached him.
After they explained their plan to Mr. Schwartzaneggar, he agreed and before they knew it, there half hour was up. The guards came swarming towards him, but he wouldn’t give up without a fight, so he threw a couple of punches and ran. The 2 companions ran through the shortcut and the guards who weren’t knocked out or tending to the unconscious ran after Mr. Schwarzenegger who was headed to the toilets.
When Mr. Pixel and Mr. Drone reached the toilets and found the cubicle with the land mine under it, Mr Schwarzenegger ran in and locked the door. He then broke the pipes holding the water in and the water went everywhere and made everything smell bad. Then, Mr. Drone lit the lighter and was about to throw it in when he asked if the other 2 could wait outside when he accidentally dropped it in the dunny, but nothing happened. Then Mr. Pixel had a wonderful idea. When methane comes out of your… well you know, and that is flammable, so it would explode! BRILLIANT! So, he pushed aside Mr. Schwarzenegger and after him Mr. Drone then sat on the toilet and LET IT RIP! Then there was an explosion that left no-one alive.


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