Name Do Hurt...

If it were possible, I'd die of a broken heart. People are the ones to make it part.
The years and days that have gone by so fast, remind me why I don't like my past.
Years have not been kind and the days were unfair, some of these stories I am willing to share.
They say that it is beauty that lies within, but there is no beauty beneath people's skin...
My heart is breaking and getting quite weak; people walk past me and call me a freak.
I may not be able to walk the distance, but all I can say is give me a chance.
I look in the mirror and see someone sad; I wish I could stop feeling this bad.
My time will come; I tell you this now, if people don't stop calling me a fat cow.
I sleep each night remembering what people have said. Don't worry; you're not the only one wishing me dead.


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