A Letter To Home

A Letter To Home
September 21st

Dear mum, dad and all the folks at home.

A few hours ago, in Vietnam I was laying down in long grass for 2 hours waiting until the enemy came. One bloke was shot on his cheek and another his leg and hand. Most of my mates were dead after the big battle we were all racing in, shooting were ever our gun pointed. It was hard to see in all the dust and fog.

My mates were good for me, the last time I sent you a letter I told you about when he saved me from a bullet hitting directly into my heart. I think we had a lot of feelings going on between us, but now they’re dead. I try to forget it but it’s burnt into my brain. I will never forget the time my mates and I went to war.

How are things going at home, has aunty Ana had her baby yet? I think she should name her Caroline it is a nice name and means helpful and friendly.

Mail me back when you have the chance, and hope I survive the time in between.
Lots of love and a little bit more Andrew xoxo

Later on that day Andrew was in a battle field in the trenches and he raised his gun ready to fire, when he tripped over another soldier’s gear he stuck his head up and was shot. He lay in the trenches, dead.