I Can Read Your Thoughts

Thoughts! Thoughts i could not stop! Lost in thoughts! I started walking, down the creaky corridor, through all the eerie paintings, eyes following me through every step. Through the monstrous mansion into the dinig room to meet Christine. She had a knife in her hand. The blade as sharp as a tiger's tooth, biting it's prey. We had our chat and no, this room was not mine, and i was never in here. So i sat there squished up in the corner all alone, cobwebs crawling up to me while Christine wonders aimlessly from room to room, stopping only when finally reaching the garage. A hammer n her hand banging the nails from the unattractive, shade green table.

This time it wasn't me it was Alarna in the room. It was dangerous. A hammer Chrisine and Alarna all in the garage. No, the hammer was not Alarna's. Who did it belong to? Not Alarna, Christine or i. We moved on.

Suddenly an ear - piercing scream came from the top floor. Then in an instant Christine disappeared. How did she do that? Where was she going? Who did that scream come from? All the answers to my questions will be answered in one minute. I started walking up to the top floor where i assumed Christine went. Alarna, following straight after Christine when she went, was already at the top floor.

No one was there when i reached the top floor, but all i saw was the ghostly figure of Christine and Alarna. All of a sudden i felt dizzy as though i could no longer stand up. What was happening to me? Voices were blowing through my head like leaves on a windy day.

That moment i realised. I could
read thoughts. NOT LITERALLY! I know her secret. Christine was a ghost.
"I know what you are, Christine."
"I have been meaning to tell you but i thought that you already knew."
"Lacey, who are you talking to?" a rather familiar voice said.
I sat there in my lounge room all alone wandering how i got there, and what i had just done. That game of cluedo i had just played was by myself. I thought they were there with me. Christine and her snowy, white dog, Alarna. They were my friends, my imaginary friends.
The house in cluedo has remained uninhabited since that day; Since my friends came to play.