The soldier who I thought, was an old friend looked to port.
And a thousand yards he stared into the sea.
As the bombs and shells exploding, and the guns were reloading.
As we saw the shores of old Gallipoli.
Nervous giggles from a joke, filled the ship like putrid smoke.
As we pretended not to feel the fear and fright.
And we stood their feeling worried, as the gunners hurried.
We wondered if we'd make it through the night.
We remembered happy faces, from those treasured distant places.
Most of us thought of parents and the girl.
And the cocktail of the commotion, and the rolling of the ocean.
And the fear suddenly made me want to hurl.
And the smell of war came, and it felt less like a game.
When the air was filled with gunpowder and death.
And the soldier who I thought, was an old friend looked to port.
And he ended up taking his final breath.

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