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The Magic Mirror (Short Story)

by Zaia Grace, Grade 4, NSW

This story is about two young children named Lucy and Ben who have an adventure in a faraway land.

On a misty wet autumn afternoon, Lucy and Ben were bored and sat looking out at the pouring rain. To pass time, they decided to explore the attic. The attic was dark and dusty and after looking around, they came to a mirror which was surprisingly clean and shiny.

While looking into their reflection, the old grandfather clock in the attic struck five o’clock. “That’s weird,” Ben said, “I thought that clock was broken.” It felt like the mirror was calling them. Ben reached his hand forward and it went through the mirror, like putting his hand through water. He took his hand out and they looked at each other with amazement. Ben and Lucy were thinking of the same thing. Ben said “I don’t know, but I think we should go through.” Lucy agreed and they counted one, two, three, and stepped in.

They found themselves in a forest with damp earth below and it was quite dark because the leaves overhead were blocking the sunlight. “It’s just like in books when you find something magic and something exciting happens!” said Ben. They found their way out of the forest into the bright sunlight and saw fields of blue and red flowers with butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. Standing in the field was a white horse with silver wings. “Wow it’s a Pegasus!!” exclaimed Lucy. They walked towards it and it put its head up. “Who are you?” asked the Pegasus. Ben answered shyly “I am Ben and this is Lucy”. The Pegasus looked at them curiously, “My name’s Fledge and I don’t bite! Where did you come from?” he asked. “We came through a magic mirror,” said Lucy. “Well that would have been exciting!” said Fledge, “the sun’s setting I better go home.”“Can we come too?” asked the children. “Of course, hop on my back.” So they scrambled on. They soared through the air, landing in a paddock with a group of Pegasus’s (technically called Pegasi as Fledge pointed out). After eating some oat cakes, they slept on soft, warm grass under a big tree.

Lucy and Ben woke to find Fledge’s nose in their face and they immediately got up. “Let’s go visit the Wizard” said Fledge, “he will be able help you home. Ben you can ride on me, Lucy you can ride on Prancer. Prancer was big black Pegasus. The kids got on and all four set off. They went through a forest, then a field and over a hill to the cottage. A man in a blue robe opened the door and welcomed them in. “I can get you home,” he said and they followed him into a room where a mirror stood and it looked the same mirror that was in the attic. The kids thanked everyone. Fledge and Prancer gave the children big horsey hugs and they all said goodbye. They stepped through the mirror and found themselves once more in the attic.

It was still raining and they realised it was the same day. Ben looked at Lucy and said “That was most exciting adventure I have ever had!”, “Definitely!” Lucy said. They suddenly heard their Mum calling them. They climbed out of the attic and walked into the kitchen just in time for dinner. Their Mum didn’t believe their tale, but when they went to bed they both dreamt they met up with their friends from the Mirror and had more wild adventures.

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