Fairy Fly Dance.

Once upon a time in a beautiful, magical garden called Tulip Town Gardens, there lived a young fairy. Fairy Nicholas was tall, muscular, had short brown hair and magical, pretty, blue eyes. He seemed like he had it all, always smiling and happy, though things weren’t always cheerful in Tulip Town Gardens. He had an arch enemy, Fairy Reed. He looked very scary and was a very fast runner it was rather magical. No kid dared to go near him, especially with that pointy nose of his. The two were best friends when they were younger but they had a massive fight over a young fairy girl and ever since then they have disliked each other.

For quite a long time Fairy Nicholas has had a very passionate feeling for Fairy Bobalina. She was very beautiful, long blonde hair, quite short and also had pretty blue eyes.
There was the annual Fairy Fly Dance in the next week and Fairy Nicholas planned to ask Fairy Bobalina to be his date. Fairy Reed had heard about his plans and decided that at the dance he was going to ruin things for Fairy Nicholas. Later that day Fairy Nicholas saw Fairy Bobalina. “Um hello, Beautiful will you be my d-d-date to the Fairy Fly Dance?” Asked Fairy Nicholas. “YES, I will!” Replied Fairy Bobalina. Off they went to do their own thing but all that was on their minds was their special dates.

It was the night of the Fairy Fly Dance and it was time to pick up Fairy Bobalina. Fairy Nicholas arrived at her tulip when Fairy Bobalina opened the door he was gob smacked. “Well its time to go” said Fairy Nicholas.
Off the two went to the Fairy Fly Dance, when they arrived Fairy Bobalina waited out the front for Fairy Nicholas while he parked the flower-transfo-mobile. While she was waiting for him Fairy Reed snuck up from behind and kidnapped Fairy Bobalina. After about 20 minutes Fairy Nicholas went back to where he left Fairy Bobalina but she was nowhere to be seen. He found her a ribbon from her dress and followed the trail which lead back to Fairy Reed’s lonely tulip. As he looked through the window he was Fairy Bobalina tied to a chair next to Fairy Reed. Fairy Reed knew Fairy Nicholas would come to find her and that was his plan. Fairy Nicholas kicked the door in and went straight for Fairy Reed, they wrestled on the floor for abit. Punches were being thrown and they were intense finally Fairy Nicholas was strong enough to stand up and use his magical, pretty, blue eyes. He beamed straight into Fairy Reed’s eyes, there he lied, knocked out, not a move in sight.
Fairy Nicholas ran too Fairy Bobalina, they shared their first kiss.
From that one day the two have been inseparable.
A few years later the two had fairy babies together, two, Fairy Sky and Fairy Claire.


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