Fairy Tale Of A Life Time

It was one gorgeous morning in the city of Fairbanks but one young girl wasn’t having such a rosy day. It was a normal morning in the Baron House hold or so they thought. Beverly Mitchells was a young teenage girl obsessed with looks and what people thought about her. She was also the biggest fan in the world of the Canadian singer ‘Justin Bieber’. To her Just in Bieber wasn’t just a singer or celebrity he was the reason she would ‘Never Say Never’ and started singing. Even though Beverly had an amazing voice she was always bullied and put down by the way she looked even though she was beautiful.

Beverly left the house said goodbye to mum and left for school. Ten minutes up the road there they were the ‘Plastics’, three girls that’s mission in life was to destroy peoples hopes and dreams’. “Oh no here they come, I hope they don’t notice me” said Beverly.’ Hey weird girl what are doing this is our street it’s not for losers like you’ said the leader Sasha, ‘I will be going now don’t worry’ said Beverly, ‘Yeah you go now chicken’ said Sasha. Beverly arrived at school at the ding of the bell and went to class. She got to the last class and was relieved school was nearly over the only thing that was keeping her from crying from all the insults was knowing she was going to see Justin Bieber tomorrow. She fell asleep thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

It was the day of Justin Bieber’s concert. Beverly was so happy she was there but upset because she didn’t get tickets. There he was walking perfectly down the aisle giving autographs to people. As soon as he said ‘Bye hope to see you in there and enjoy’ he was gone. I started walking home when Justin came running after me. ‘Stop, do I know you’ said Justin Bieber, ‘No I don’t think so’ said Beverly, ‘Where are you going aren’t you going to watch the show’ said Justin, ‘I didn’t get tickets’ said Beverly crying, ‘What are you talking about seems to me you dropped your back stage pass’ said Justin, “Oh my gosh thank you so much’ said Beverly wiping her tears. She went back stage with Justin and she saw the best view of the concert and it was the best day of her life.

The concert had finished and Justin said she needed to talk to her. ‘Hey um I really like you, do you know want to go out with me’ said Justin, ‘Yeah I would I love you so much’ said Beverly hugging Justin, ‘I will see you tomorrow and drop you off at school, bye’ said Justin.

It was the next morning and Justin Picked up Beverly and took her to school and from then one she was happy and knew she was the girl that got the perfect dream.


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