A Bond's Justice

Seeing Velocia’s bright face everyday made me the happy adolescent that I was. Being the creative kind of person, she always seemed to disagree with Isaac, my best friend. When I saw Velocia, even the birds around chirped more sweetly and the cars were more vivid in a silhouette against the sky. The sky too took its own effort to look that subtle bit brighter.

But not all light sustains through this world. “Get up here!” screeched Isaac as he reached the southern summit of the mountain.”Gosh, really I’m only going up there because Eman is!” I smiled at her remark. I prefer not to say what happened next. “Eman, Emanuel!” I suddenly heard a howl. I looked down. My sudden reaction was dropping from the mountain and I descended, my heart thumped. She was hurt alright.

The blood was gone and at least she looked better? We had her rushed to the nearest hospital. She breathed, taking effort to show that she had the strength to live. Her eyes slowly flashed as she finally came to. “Velocia,” I whispered, “are you okay?” She hustled forward, trying to utter words but she was unable to. Tears rolled down her bright face as she closed her eyes again and fell into the vast composition of faint’s nothingness.

Isaac walked back from the doctor, staring at the ground. “So what did he say?” I uttered with faith. “The doctor said the place the she hit her head had caused a brain hemorrhage” he replied, still looking down,” she… she has a fifteen percent chance of getting through this.” I thrust my head back trying to hold the moistness of my eyes in. “Emanuel! I’m sorry that is all my fau…”
“No it isn’t! Now please go,” I shouted.

The time after just included getting up everyday into a blur of going to see Velocia in her state, going to work and coming back home, still thinking about her.

After about a week the phone rang, “Hello this is Dr. Hendersone- I’m ringing to tell you that Velocia is in a very bad condition indeed. Her immediate family and friends should come to see her.”
“Sure doctor,” I spoke, “I’ll contact her parents and come as soon as possible.”

Isaac, I and Velocia’s parents gathered around her bed, watching her breathe faster, but with difficulty. Her time had come. She held on that dark night, giving a true fight come back. She passed the next morning, a sign of rest on her once gleaming body.

Velocia’s passing has ruined me and I still look at back at the times that I had with her. She comes alive in my dreams, but stays away throughout the durance of the day. That person was truly one in a million- the best that I ever had. She put that groove in my move, love in my heart and a smile on my dial. Our journey will continue because our bond will meet justice…


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