A True Fable

Finalist in the 'Legendary 2012' competition

I am Goldirine Lukidis. People call me Goldilocks because of my hair. I live in a mansion. Well not at the moment. Why would I need disgusting sloppy porridge when my family is rich and we get top quality food? But food isn’t as good at the moment.
Heard of Little Red Riding Hood? Well, she's my cousin. It's a disgrace being related to her. She totally framed me for something I didn't do!
Well we look exactly the same except that she has brown hair and I have blonde hair. Little Red and I might look the same but we have opposite personalities. I am sensible and love to learn, while my cousin is mischievous and so uncontrollable that she got dropped out of school.
Anyway, this is how it all happened. It was a beautiful day in July. There I am at the bear’s house.
“I made some tarts for you. After all, I need opinions on my cooking” I smile. “Mmm, these are delicious!” Papa bear exclaims. I smile. “Well I have to run. Mama expects me to help her with dinner.
On my way back home, I bump into Little Red. “Whoa!” I cry. “Guess what?!” Red squeals. “I’ve dyed my hair blonde! No one will tell us apart!” she says excitedly, pulling back her red hood. “Why do you need blonde hair anyway?” I ask, hands on my hips. “For stuff” she says with a small smirk and then she runs off. I turn back as well, heading home. Thirty minutes later, my mama storms into my room, looking VERY angry. “How dare you...?” She tells me the news that mama bear had told her over the phone and I gasp in shock.
I never recall going to the Bear’s house to eat their porridge, break a chair and sleep in their beds. Someone has obviously framed me. And who better to accuse than Little Red? I mean she looked just like me at the moment. But then I hear rustling behind me and as I turn around, Red jumps out from the bushes.
“Get off me!” I scream as Little Red wrestles me to the ground. “I KNOW YOU DID IT!” she cried accusingly at me. “Why, Goldirine? Why did you have to break into the bear’s home?” Tears run down her cheeks. I hear more rustling. Then three police step in front of me. One kneels down beside me with a pair of handcuffs in his hand. With a snarl, he cuffs me and leads me to a police car. “Please, this is all a mistake...” I plead. But it’s no use. As I get into the car, I see Little Red behind the police, giving me a nasty smile. We both know it was her who did the crime. I’m innocent!
Well there you have it. Now I’m in jail for a crime I didn’t commit. So now you understand the true hidden story of a very true fable.



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