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The Greedy Mouse (Short Story)

by Binta Lamin, Grade 4, QLD

My story is entitle : THE GREEDY MOUSE

Once upon a time in a village north of the equator lived a very huge and ugly greedy mouse Name Hugo. Hugo was a rich mouse, he has abundant of different foods, cattle,
and a large Ache of vegetables garden and farm. Almost everyone in the village worked
for Hugo.
Despite his riches he was a greedy, demanding, and unforgiving mouse. He never share
or give freely regardless of a condition or circumstances of his neighbours or workers.

Every homes if not the entire villagers begin murmuring as to how to get Mr. Hugo realise
His mistakes and move forward to perfect lifestyles and make plan to develop their village.

Months after months and years after years Mr Hugo continues to grow from bad to worst leaving the villagers and workers no alternative but make an announcement and to invite Hugo to attend meeting with them.

The bravest mouse of them all was Edwin; he has worked 4weeks for Mr Hugo and got just
One and a half weeks paid. Edwin wrote the agenda of the meeting which he included that
Hugo apologises for his selfish, demanding and unappreciated attitude.

This was a difficult decision for a greedy mouse. His refusal will lead the workers not harvesting crops, no gardening, and no cooking. “What are these penniless and insubordinate workers and villagers dragging me into” he said to himself.

As a greedy mouse Hugo was already hungry as the meeting approaches the middle.
His stomach rumbled and rumbled when cooks were about to resign.

Without forward comment Hugo apologised and mentioned to pay everyone he owes. That
Was the beginning of a wonderful prosperity for village as the villagers united with their worthy neighbour.

Hugo built buildings and castle filled of mysteries for the young ones, the village almost
Changing to big city. The people gave Hugo a beautify wife to marry; the life of Hugo began more better as his relationship with the villagers continues to be stronger and unbroken.
The village as we speak is now a beautiful city north of the equator

Everyone mistakes in life, no one ever lived perfectly.
It sometime becomes difficult and even harder if we fail to immediately recognise
our errors.
We get more better in if we just alter these words “I’m sorry.”

written by Binta Lamin

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