Half Way Around The World And Then Turn Right

Half way around the world then turn right

“Oh no, I’m late,” yelled Eric, “this is the worst day to be late. I can’t be. I just can’t.” It was school picture day at Eric’s school.
“I’ll show those cool boys that I can be just like them,” Eric mumbled as he opened the front door.

Eric’s eyes widened when he saw what was sitting in his front yard.
On Eric’s lawn was a spaceship. Eric thought it could take him to a faraway place where nothing mattered. So he climbed in wondering what would happen next.

As soon as he buckled his seatbelt the spaceship shot off and before he knew it he was going back in time back when his mother was a little girl. Eric was really scared now. He desperately wanted his dad.

You see, Eric’s mum died a few days after Eric’s birth. Eric’s dad was always working so Eric had a nanny to look after him but she was never really there.

He saw his house and ran towards it, only it was the year 1976. His mother’s home yellow now, instead of the faded blue colour that he loved.

Inside, there was his mother - only she was eleven years old just like Eric now. When he walked in he could see his mother painting the walls in pretty colours while singing a wonderful song. She had blonde, wavy hair. When she noticed Eric she blushed and politely said, “What is your name?”

“Eric,” replied Eric in a shy voice.

“Mine’s Rose,” replied Eric’s mum. Eric invited himself in to sit next to her.

“Rose!” called Rose’s father. “Come and clean the dishes, you don’t want to disappear”.

“Disappear,” exclaimed Eric.

“Oh, it’s a silly old rumour, that if you travel in time from the future or past you eventually start to fade away. My father thinks I’m from the future because I know lots about technology.”

The rumour might not be true but Eric wasn’t taking any chances.
“About this fading thing. How do people get back to their own time?” asked Eric curiously.

“You go half way around the world and then turn right. It’s easy,” replied Rose.

Eric ran out of the house with nothing to lose. He could see his hand fading by the minute! As he buckled his seatbelt the spaceship shot off half way around the world.

He was almost there when suddenly all the power went out! Eric thought for a moment, “This spaceship runs on electricity!”

Eric was falling down, down. He grabbed hold of the wheel and turned right. He was falling still, but in style.

As the spaceship fell he could begin to see his street. The houses grew bigger and bigger as he got closer and closer. Just as he was expecting to crash the spaceship slowed down and landed gently on the lawn.

Eric got out of the spaceship, calmly walked inside and climbed into bed.

© LK Collins 2012


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