Halloween Zombie Prank

Once upon a time there was a man. He was the only person in the town. One halloween, he was celebrating. He heard someone say "BRAAAAAINS". The man jumped with fright and looked out of his window. He saw a zombie! He nearly had a heart attack. Lucky for him he had special plants which attack zombies.

Then he saw alot more green, scary, ugly zombies coming down the street. He was worried that he did not have enough of these special plants so he rushed to the shop and got some special mushrooms to defeat the zombies.

It started to be night time, one by one the zombies came into his garden. He was feeling safe because he knew his plants and mushrooms would kill them all. But they were not dying!!He was feeling very, very scared now.

He was shivering with fright and went to the window and shouted "go away" to the zombies. Then the group of zombies all yelled back "Happy Halloween!" Then they pulled masks off their faces. It was pranksters from the closest town celebrating Halloween. The man was so happy to be alive he invited them inside to have a party with him. He thought it was his best halloween EVER!


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