Nana's Secret In The Attic

Last summer I went to stay at my Nana’s. I was eating my sandwich when we arrived. For some reason Nana threw it in the bin and shoved an apple in my mouth. You need to eat better food otherwise you become unhealthy. You need to eat fruit. I sat on the bed in Nana’s spare room for what seemed hours. I heard a bump under the bed. I paused. It happened again. I lowered myself under the bed. I saw… a trap door! I grabbed my dearest teddy, Roosevelt and put myself down into a small corridor. It was dusty and small. I couldn’t see where it led to so I kept walking and walking and walking until I came across a flight of stairs. I followed the path by going up them. There were only about 10 of them. As I walked up the last few stairs I could see another trap ‘like’ door. I pushed it open as it creaked very loudly.
It opened into a small room. I saw a box. There was a note… It read…

Never in your lifetime open this box as it holds many secrets.
There may be presents or there may be burnt old brownies.
I sat down and wondered. Is this a prank? I gathered my confidence and walked over to that box and opened it. I saw what I never thought I would ever see. On top was a dusty burglar suit. carefully placed that on the cardboard box. This was mysterious. And finally I pulled out a black garbage bag. It was in the shape of a body. I thought the worst… is my Nana robber?
Is she a murderer? Did she shoot someone? Did she steal something?
The possibilities as they ran through my head seemed endless. I can’t just walk out of this room and return to the real world after finding this. I need to find out why this is in here. I felt an object. It was hard and defiantly made from plastic. I felt some hair and I felt some material. I pulled out the thing. It’s only a small doll. I can hear footsteps. The door creaks open. It’s Nana! . I hid your birthday present here so you would never find it! But my clever granddaughter proved me wrong! I suppose because its only three days away from your birthday ill give you your present now. When I was on my travels in India Mietta, I came across a doll shop. I showed them a photo of you and asked if they could copy you.” Thanks Nana” then I ran over to Nana and gave her a hug. We both walked out back into my room. “How did you find me Nana?” I asked. Well you weren’t in you room and I found a bead from your necklace next to the trap door. My exciting day ended with Nanas goodnight kiss and a tuck into bed with Mietta my new doll.