“Ahhhh!...” I yelled, as the pain shot through my leg and I looked down and all I see is blood everywhere and a crocodile attached to my leg.
How did I get here with a croc on my leg? Do I deserve this or am I just unlucky? I have to get out of here, what can I do?
I shove my hand down the crocodile’s mouth, hoping that it will let go. What do you know, it worked! The croc lets go and disappears. I am free, well not exactly I’ve still got to get to shore before it returns.
The water is very cold, it is starting to pull me down to the bottom but no I can’t die like this. I want to go home to my family. The sunlight is shining on my face through the water, it is a sign, I need to make to the surface .I am swimming as fast as I can but there is one little problem, half of my leg is missing.
I finally make it to shore I am safe from the crocodile but my leg… it is still bleeding really bad I am losing lots of blood and I need to get help, fast.
My bag is about three meters away from me and it’s got my phone in it. I have to get it, it’s my only choice. But how? I start to crawl but it seems so far away. It is no use I’m not getting anywhere and my vision is getting blurry, so I close my eyes, and the world goes black.