Hannah's Holiday

Author: Caitlyn D’Souza
Age: 10 years
Address: 8 Ruth Court Glen Waverley Vic – 3150
Grade: 5
School: Mount View Primary School

Hannah’s Holidays

Hi my name is Hannah and I am 10 years old. My mum, dad and Tom my annoying brother are my family. We live in Australia.
Guess what…Family meeting we are going to Greece tomorrow can you believe it, well I can’t. There is one problem…my annoying brother Tom.
“Hey Hannah did you know we are going to Greece tomorrow?’ screamed Tom.
“Ya Tom” I said annoyed. Then he just ran off like he never even heard me, very annoying trust me.
As I sat at the dinner table I thought how lucky I was, how fun it is going to Greece. Dinner was light and quick as we had to get up early.
I was going to bed anyway but Tom shouted at the top of his lungs, “Hannah go to bed”. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t go to sleep so I started counting sheep and finally fell asleep.
“Hannah get up we are leaving” whispered my dad.
“What it isn’t morning yet’’ I replied annoyed.
“Oh ya we start our trip early” he replied.
“Ah..I only slept 3 hours” I complained.
He left before he could hear me. I was ready in a jiffy. Taxi was here for the airport.
As we landed in Greece my brother started annoying. Tom started to spoil everything; “Can we have sushi? I am very hungry” complained Tom.
“Hotel first then food Tom” said mom. While dad went to the receptionist Tom wined again,
OMG! Wonderful view of the sea “Mom I can’t wait to explore” I said excitedly.
“What are we eating?” asked Tom.
“Maybe souvlaki if you behave properly Tom.” said mom. We walked on cobble stones and old houses. Finally the restaurant “Hannah what do you want to eat?” asked mom.
“Um moussaka” I replied.
“Hey what about me, I want a huge bowl of chips and coke” shouted Tom angrily.
Days flew quickly. On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to the beach, Thursday we explored Greece, Friday we played games and did Greek dancing, on Saturday we tried different Greek food and Sunday it was time to go home. “Time to go back home” said dad sadly.
“What so quickly” I said. “Time flies quickly when you are having fun” replied mom.
“Ahhhhhhhh” I screamed.
“Hannah wake up we have to go on our trip to Greece” said dad.
“What but dad… we were just there” I replied.
“No we haven’t” said dad looking confused.
“OMG what a dream” I said happily.
“Interesting” said mom walking in. So this was what really happened or was it just a dream. You know I think I can see in the future.
When we returned home I asked about the next holiday.
“Don’t know school starts soon” replied mom.
“Oh ya” I said sadly. But dad was listening and he said “We might be going to Sweden soon Hannah”.


Author: Caitlyn D’Souza
Age: 10 years
Address: 8 Ruth Court Glen Waverley Vic – 3150
Grade: 5
School: Mount View Primary School


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