War Wounds

September 1st, 1939

Today has been the worst day of my life. War has broken out. Mum has been stationed
at Italy to nurse the soldiers back to health, and dad has been taken away to fight and
I have been left to take care of Phillip and Charlotte. They had absolutely
no idea what was going on, but I understand that because they're only 6. They said to me
“Rebecca, how long will mummy and daddy be?” “I don’t
know.” I replied.

September 8th, 1939

It's been a week since mum and dad left, and Phillip and Charlotte are starting to
understand that it might be a while until our parents come home.
I cant believe that mum and dad got whisked away so suddenly. It still doesn't seem real, like a
dream, a nightmare. War even for nurses,is dangerous, they can catch diseases and infections.
Every minute of every day, death is on the line for soldiers. Bombs, guns, they're out there,
risking their lives to help the world.

September 19th, 1939

SO TIRED!. I have ample time to sleep but I barely use any of it. At night I lay in bed,
thinking about the last few weeks. How one day my life was perfect, then the next it turned
around completely. I was so blissful. Now I can't even begin to describe what I
feel like. Sad, angry, but most of all, gut wrenching terror for my parents.
Phillip and Charlotte have been asking so many questions. “Where’ve mummy and daddy gone?
What are they doing there? Why are they there?” I have been trying to
keep my siblings busy as an attempt to distract them. It hasn't been working very well because
what's been going on has been going through my mind 24/7.

September 25th, 1939

We finally received a letter from mum. It reads;

To my darlings Phillip, Charlotte and Rebecca,
We reached the base camp three days after I’d left home. Its quite cosy
here. It would feel like home except it is missing three wonderful
things. I'm sure that Rebecca is taking care of you my little angels and
Bec, don’t let this whole thing go to your head. I'm sure that this war
wont last for much longer and that your father and I will be back
by your side very soon. Just remember that no matter what happens
we will always love you and that we will always be with you in
times of despair, joy and all times in between. You are
all beautiful children and I love you so, so, SO much.

Sincerely, your caring, loving mother. XXXOOO

This letter boosted my spirits and made me believe that my parents will be safe and that they'll
make it home alive very soon.

October 8th, 1939

I cant wait for my parents to come home.
There's a knock at the door, I wonder who it could be; I have that gut wrenching feeling again...